Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running a Portfolio Management Service

If I were to think in terms of possible entrepreneurial ideas that I might like to implement in the future, portfolio management services would rank pretty high. Even though I'm a pretty qualified and an experienced translator and professional linguist in my language combinations, I wouldn't like to necessarily start a translation or a localization company.

But it does look pretty attractive to me if I could have sufficient capital to do two important things in my life. Both are equally important in my perspective. The first is to run a series of highly successful educational institutes with excellent faculty. The second is to offer portfolio management services. I am sure I could offer good returns compared to conventional investments such as bank term deposits.

When the stock markets crashed about two weeks ago, I bought Parsvnath stock at Rs. 103 [$2.45] per share and on Friday, July 25th, it was quoting at Rs. 117.75. So, I had a notional gain of Rs. 14.75 or about 14% in two weeks. On July 25th, the stock made a high of Rs. 122.

I guess that is a pretty good return. If one sells at a 14% profit within two weeks and then sits pretty till the markets present another opportunity, and buy again, one could be making a goldmine. This is why I feel I could really offer excellent portfolio management services.

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