Saturday, December 13, 2008

Media Coverage

I have been reading in the newspapers that the Indian parliamentarians have debated whether they should enforce a code of ethics for the media (read, electronic media) in events of national importance and disaster. This debate is sure to open up a can of worms, however, keeping in mind, the rather problematic, if not abysmal, role played by the television channels in the recent coverage, this would be a welcome step.


Anam Arsalan said...

True, I being a media-person too feel that way. But don’t you think there should be a code for the politicians as well. I am sure you are aware that many of them have criminal records to boast.
Btw not many are aware that our very own Mr Advani has an unresolved case against him in Pakistan. He was an accused in a conspiracy to kill Jinnah.

Roomy Naqvy said...

Thanks for your comment. With due respect, I have some objections to your stance. I don't know if our political leader, Mr. L. K Advani has an unresolved case against him or not. These are rumours that I have seen in the media. I have no unbiased evidence to support it. I also saw these rumours only about few years ago when the Pakistani govt authorities /press made song and dance about it. It is also to be noted that politicians in third world nations often have false cases against them. So, when one does make a public statement, as you did, and you state that you are a media person, one needs to be responsible as a media person. One cannot make unsubstantiated statements. Moreover, Mr. Advani has been on the Indian political scene for the last few decades. It would be surprising to me why such 'facts' about him being implicated in an unresolved murder case against the founder of Pakistan didn't surface earlier. There is something else to this too. Pakistan was freed along with India in 1947. So, this implication that we are talking about, did it happen prior to 1947 or after it? This would be a very interesting fact to explore if at all there is any truth in it. There were a number of people who had cases against them prior to 1947 and some of them were even known as freedom fighters!

I do not subscribe to his political ideology but as a responsible citizen of the country, I refuse to make unsubstantiated statements. Also, I doubt if there is any country in the world where politicians are regulated. Sounds idealistic, doesn't it?

Anam Arsalan said...


Thanks for responding. And it’s not without proof that I was talking about Mr Advani’s incident. And surely there is a difference between a freedom fighter and a murder.

Besides, it’s rather easy to find info on that front pl do check out BBC. I am sure that would be of some value to you and BCC isn’t an Indian media organisation and has high standards of journalism.

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Roomy Naqvy said...

Certainly, comments are posted. :)There is evidence that comments are certainly posted. :)