Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Magic of Being Barack Obama

I wouldn't characterize Barack Obama as a person. I would characterize him as a phenomenon. When he first got into the primaries, I was faintly excited and then as he won Iowa, I was really fascinated. And I have followed just about everything that has been published on him. Alas, I haven't read his books yet. But I will.

For those who haven't read his Iowa acceptance speech, please follow the link onto New York Times at

And then we had this famous Obama speech on race, which can be read here

I am not supporting Barack Obama because of his race or because of his parentage. I am supporting him because of his ideas, because of his ability to meld people and because of his ability to take people along.

I was discussing Leo Tolstoy in an earlier post. I still remember what Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace. We know that the novel is about the Napoleonic war and that Tolstoy writes Napoleon took an army of 600,000 soldiers. Napoleon himself was always far removed from the scene of the war because of the huge army that he commanded. And Tolstoy wonders about Napoleon Bonaparte, a short man, who wasn't good looking. So, Tolstoy wrote that it was the will of the people of France and the moment of history that propelled Napoleon to that height.

And in Barack Obama, we have the greatest leader that they ever had in the United States. It would be a pity if the will of the people and the moment of history is wasted.


Werner Patels said...

I am supporting him because of his ideas, because of his ability to meld people and because of his ability to take people along.

Same here, same here, which is why I came out and endorsed him several months ago.

I sure hopes he wins.

Roomy Naqvy said...

I hope he does too. History is being unfolded in front of our eyes. It is like seeing someone of the stature of Abraham Lincoln...someone really great.

Freelance Journalist said...

I ve too been following the phenomenon called Barack Obama closely... its amazing the way he has grown from a first time senator to a potential presidential candidate. While going through a piece on his background in the TIME, I realised it has not been a happy one. Barack is not just about the change, he is about the trauma of identity and multiculturalism. His comments on Guns and Religion is to an extent similar to some of the dialogue i have with my bro in private. On the face he tries to be as politically correct as he can be, but as private person he is much radical and intellectual in the thought process.

When it comes to issues, not personalities, Hilary Clinton comes with lot of advantages. Barack is about just rhetorics of change, Clinton is about concrete plans for her country. Clinton is another phenomenon. She has, throughout her public life, worked toward healthcare and women issues. However I do believe that, over the time, she has become a bit arrogant.