Friday, May 23, 2008

Translation Proficiency Courses that I teach

I started teaching Certificate in Translation Proficiency students at my Department since 2004-2005 and we introduced the Diploma in Translation Proficiency in 2006-2007. So, I have taught 2 groups of Diploma in Translation Proficiency students as well. These courses use English<>Hindi bi-directional as a medium of instruction. I stopped teaching Certificate in Translation Proficiency last year, 2007-2008, and I have been instrumental in grooming another faculty member to teach that course. I now focus on the Diploma course.

Our courses have got good coverage in the press. The Media Coordinator of the University was kind enough to issue press releases. You can see the coverage that our courses got in The Hindu [which is a national newspaper of repute] last year.

I am planning to write a workbook for the Diploma course and I hope I shall do it soon so that it could be implemented and could prove to be useful to the students. I also plan to upload exercises from the course for people who might be interested in the course, or its methodology or who might be simply curious how we run such a course.

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