Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bad news earlier.... and now, good news-Alexa Rank

Well, if my Google pagerank has come down to 2 as I told you in an earlier post... we also know that the Alexa traffic ranking is pretty reputed.

If you look at my earlier post made on August 17 on Alexa rank, my rank that day was 1,539,822 and my present Alexa rank for today is---- and lease hold your breath now---and my present Alexa rank is:


Now, don't you think that calls for a celebration? And this is between August 17 and August 21! Wow! In just 4 days.


Talha (b.a 1st year) said...

congrats on the alexa rating boost :D

your blog makes for quite an interesting read.I found some difficulty accesing your website,is it down or something??

oh,and thanx for the bibliomania link to hard times.

Roomy Naqvy said...

Well, sometimes it might be down... but shouldn't normally be...I am glad you liked the Bibliomania link. I plan to spend more time getting what I teach on my blog. If you like it, why don't you try to visit it more often? :)

Thanks for your kind comments.