Monday, August 18, 2008

Website on Distance Learning

It seems most of you would feel I keep on surfing or as one of my colleagues told me that I work very hard. Do I? I don;t know. Where's the time to think? Anyhow, I learned about this interesting website that seems to promote distance learning and home study in the UK. There are courses such as book keeping, child care and social studies. Its a website on open learning and the website can be found at 2 distance learning courses

The website is pretty exhaustive in the information that it has on its pages. It says that UK Open Learning is a registered centre with the Open College Network of the North West region in the United Kingdom. It states that it offers fully recognized courses that carry learning credit for further learning. Good and interesting idea. Now that I got into a job, I still feel I could register for some courses and add some more degrees to my CV. Even though I do study every day and read a lot, I still find formal study quite fascinating and magical.

The lure is always there. UK Open Learning have courses in information technology, project management, writing courses, Aromatherapy (wow!), reflexology, health, fitness, life coaching....Its a long and a pretty impressive list. If I started talking about the entire list of courses they offer, you might just feel I reproduced their website. I feel positive about this website and I am going to check out every possible thing they offer in my spare time. I would find this to be a educational and an informative exercise.

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