Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Website: Not Guru

I am sure the name of the website would probably set you thinking: what is this? Not Guru? It certainly raises your eyebrows the first time you hear it. I am sure that was probably why they named it that way. The site says that it is meant for those people who aren't too technical, who aren't really 'gurus' in that sense of the term.

There's an excellent post on how to open a file if you cannot open it on your computer. The site also uses good screen shots. I liked the idea, quite refreshing. It was the name that I found disconcerting to start with but later when you surf the website, it doesn't really seem so strange to you.

The website is a variety of posts on a number of issues. It isn't as if its only a technology site--we even have a post that shows the 'strange food' that was available at the Olympics. They have even shown pictures of various creatures that one could have eaten there.

You can access the website at Tiips and Curiosities for Mom and Pop Businesses

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