Friday, August 15, 2008

Custom Video Cables

I think this is really interesting. Imagine, I found out about a website that features custom video cables and they are of all types, shapes and sizes. Here is the site: Custom Video Cable

I had never thought of anyone being so ingenious ever to make a website on video cables of all sorts. This is really unusual in terms of being a website. It is this focus that makes it unique. There are serial cables, there are custom audio cables, coaxial cables... you name it, all the cables are there!

The website is also quite informative in nature. For instance, I learned from there that they have five different types of audio cables on offer. They also have various types of keyboard cables.

The best thing that I really liked about this website were its tutorials. I thought they were just great. For instance, the power cord is defined as the mains voltage with power between 100 and 240 volts. Now, I didn't know that the power cord can also work at 100 volts. In these tutorials, we get to glean a number of facts. For instance, they define SATA cable and give us what SATA stands for: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

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