Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dryer Vents

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I am making it clear that it is so. But that doesn't mean I am going to endorse anything blindly...)

Have you ever heard of 'dryer vents'? I promise I had never heard of them till I just managed to learn about them. Imagine, how ignorant I felt when I found out about them and I pondered that I didn't even know about all the parts that a dryer contained! We think of ourselves as too well-read and of you are a translator, then that self-impression gets reinforced and this is why, sometimes, you must come across Dryer Vent Wizard that tells you about dryer vent cleaning and you suddenly feel the same that Archimedes felt--> Eureka!, I got it. I learned that most dryer models have a 'one-time' thermal fuse.

One of the problems that are encountered by most users is that there is lack of cleaning and proper maintenance on part of the users. Now, if I were a user myself, I would honestly find it very tough to open the dryer vent and clean it myself. But I can also understand the fact that lack of cleaning could affect the life of the equipment.

The website also mentions a number of online resources that are quite helpful to someone who isn't aware of this subject. In fact, there is so much to find out that one really needs a good eye to do so. The website also states that if you clean the dryer vent properly then it can help prevent fire in your homes, which is really important for the safety and the security of the people. It says that if the accumulated lint clogs the vent, then the vent could overheat and cause a fire.

This relates to cloth dryers and all of us can be careful about it. I really think this is important and even though, this is a sponsored post, I am happy I got to know about it. We have a dryer in our washing machine and we never even gave a thought about the lint getting clogged in the dryer and we never knew if it could have any further consequences.

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