Friday, August 8, 2008

Where to Buy Old Books in New Delhi?

I thought I would write here for the benefit of everyone. There are a number of places in the city for old books.

1. A visit to Nai Sarak on weekdays might not be too helpful but might not be too distressing either.

2. A visit to Darya Gunj on Sundays is still a must even though what used to be there in terms of a treasure trove of books is no longer there.

3. A visit to the Priya Cinema Complex in Vasant Vihar on weekdays might be fruitful. Please look for books lined on the footpaths.

4. Please tour the inner circle of Connaught Place on weekdays and please scour through every foothpath vendor.

5. Please find some free time and go to the Ajmeri Gate section of the New Delhi Railway Station and walk through the first and second platforms on that side and please look carefully through the bookstalls there.

6. Please make sure that you visit Kamla Nagar, which is close to the Delhi University North Campus and look for some gems.

[I had posted this information at the Writing India mailing list earlier.]


nisha said...

Hi roomy.. i was so delighted to read a comment from another Indian:).. Thanks so much.. please keep visiting:))

I was a pr4 blog earlier but due to being inactive for a month, my pr dropped! that was quite disheartening..

I liked the contents of your blog, you write on such interesting topics.. hats off to you and your blog:))

Roomy Naqvy said...

Thanks a lot. It was very kind of you to comment in such a positive light.