Friday, August 8, 2008

Resource: Writing India Mailing List

It was a couple of years ago that I accidentally came across the Writing India mailing list at Yahoo groups. This is run by Hasmita Chander who is the moderator and the list has 146 members as of today, which doesn't seem to impressive but well, the 146 members are actually experienced in their own professions. Recently, a member asked about places where one could buy old books in New Delhi and I replied to it. But there are other serious issues that are discussed as well. I can remember a discussion on getting wire transfers to India or discussions on rates, on what one could charge from leading Indian publications. I once queried how one can write for international newspapers and a member replied. Though the member's reply was basic but the member's websites etc had pretty good information on him/her. That member had a pretty good CV.

You can join the Writing India mailing list, by going to the home page and then making a request to join.

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