Friday, August 15, 2008

International Prizes / Awards-1

I got my personal copy of The Economist, which I subscribe to, so, it costs me a bit less and I saw an advertisement there about the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment which is open to people from all countries across the world. The home page of their website has the following information to offer:

Welcome to the
St Andrews Prize for the
Environment website.

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment is an initiative by the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the international integrated energy company, ConocoPhillips.

The Prize recognises significant contributions to environmental conservation and since its launch in 1998 has attracted entries from more than 50 countries each year on diverse topics including;

  • sustainable development in the Amazon rainforest
  • urban regeneration
  • recycling
  • health and water issues
  • renewable energy

Submissions for the annual prize are assessed by a panel of eminent trustees representing science, industry and government with the award going to the project the Trustees consider displays the best combination of good science, economic realism and political acceptability.

Visit the site for further information about the Prize and how to enter the annual competition.

The Prize is worth $75,000 and there are two additional awards of $25,000 each. The idea is to promote a project that can save the environment and can be replicated across the world in various local communities.

There is a call of entries for the 2009 Prize and the last date for which is 31 October 2008.

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