Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beating Fatigue

When you feel fatigued due to over work, what do you do? I normally eat very well and keep on working! That's my mantra for being indefatigable. I also drink huge amounts of coffee but the downside about coffee is that it makes you feel groggy if you have too much of it. So, if you do have too much of it, the best thing is to supplement it with glasses of water, so that the water in your body acts as a diuretic on the caffeine that you consume. This has a dual advantage--first, you get the high from the caffeine, and second, you wash away the caffeine with the water that you drink. I normally have about two teaspoons of strong arabica coffee in a cup. It gives me an immediate high. Then, after a while, I keep on drinking water and top it up with about 2-3 glasses of water over the next 30-40 minutes. Then another half an hour later, I am ready for another cup of coffee or if I feel that the caffeine got too strong, then I'm ready for good, green, jasmine tea or a herbal tea infusion, both of which work to refresh the system, which has usually been punished by hard work, stress and caffeine.

It works. Trust me. Then I keep on eating almonds and sometimes, if I have dates in my house, I eat them too.

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