Sunday, August 17, 2008

Website: Digital Frames

I learned about this website called Digital Frames, which I guess is quite a unique concept. In all the years that I have been surfing, I have not come across such a concept. The website Digital Frames states that they make digital photo frames. One can use these picture frames to showcase one's pictures the same way as they can be shown in the living room or at other places. They come with 1 GB of internal memory and the website states that they can be customized and user-configured as well. In terms of durability, this seems more durable than a mere photo frame that we had in the olden days.

Also, in terms of utility, the concept seems quite good because 1 GB of internal memory can certainly hold a large number of pictures and can be quite useful because electronic goods have a longer life than products from the brick-and-mortar world. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is one frame that is available in wood as well. Isn't wood elegant? This is certainly using the best of the olden days elite class with the great utility that technological innovation provides us. There is also a mini-heart shaped digital picture frame that can be attached to a key ring as well. So, this website provides a fully customized experience.

Indeed, very fascinating. I am forever amazed by the wonders of the Internet as I was in the days I started using it.

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