Friday, August 22, 2008

Usain Bolt: Exercise for Journalism Students

Attempt a profile of Usain Bolt. The profile should be succinct and should include an analysis of the negative observations on his antics on the field. The write-up should strive to create a comprehensive profile of the sprinter.

Bolt is the tallest in the picture above.

He is third from left.

Read the following stories on Usain Bolt and write his profile:

1. New York Times story at

2. Wikipedia article on Usain Bolt at

3. The Hindu on Usain Bolt at

4. Times Online UK on Usain Bolt at

5. The Telegraph, India, on Usain Bolt at

6. Michael Johnson writing on Usain Bolt at the BBC

7. Usain Bolt in The Slate at

8. Usain Bolt at the ESPN at

9. Usain Bolt at the Chicago Tribune at,0,3670201.story

10. Usain Bolt in The Edmonton Sun at

11. Article in The Independent, UK, at

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