Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Website: The Incurable Romantic

I found a website called The Incurable Romantic and like its name, it seems to have everything on the subject. The website is a blog or in the blog format and it seems to have more than one author. There seem two authors there. There was a very interesting post there called Magical Moments.

Some of you might find the stuff slightly mushy, which is a distinct possibility but even then its a pretty good idea to have a website of this sort. I really like such ideas, even if they are mushy or too descriptive.

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Marc said...

I'm glad you like The Incurable Romantic, and yes, we are slightly mushy...

There are two authors, my wife and I, and we both think that in a world inundated with the wild, the outrageous and the "edgy", a certain amount of mush is called for. Perhaps it's a counter point to all the so called "reality" shows, shows that in truth show a skewed reality of relationships, placing emphasis on the broken and the dysfunctional.

The Incurable Romantic is intended to show a different reality, one that elevates love and (hopefully) shows that a loving relationship is attainable, without heaps of made-for-tv melodrama.

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Cheers, Marc