Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Simple Notes

Sometimes, I feel so tired as I did today. But I just take a short nap and get back to my work. I love all the work that I do. I met some new students in the last couple of days. And as they are new to the campus, first year students, 'freshmen', they seem more enthusiastic. Later, when they have been here for some time, there's something that we must do to them to make them completely lifeless. And right now, its getting late, 11.10 pm, and today we had a power cut as well.

And I need to prepare for my lecture tomorrow. I plan to slowly update my blog with all the various teaching that I do in my life at different places. Teaching is, in fact, my weakness. I can't help it. I love it the same way as some women love to make food. Its like a hobby and I get paid for doing so. Isn't it nice in life? That's why I rarely feel tired. Even if sometimes, I do feel physically tired, it is momentary and then the spirit is quite indefatigable.

In many ways, I have often thought of Santiago, the character in Ernest Hemingway's novel, The Old Man and the Sea as a model to follow in life. Its a slightly macho model to follow--something my die-hard feminists, and rather misplaced ones, would find objectionable. But otherwise, if you look at the message in this novel, about the greatness of human endurance, I am sure there's a lot to learn here.

There are a number of literary characters and situations which are really motivational. In another innovative solution, I plan to talk about it as well.

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