Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Website that Reviews Extreme Acai Berry

In the first place, you might be tempted to ask me, "What is extreme acai berry?" And that itself would have me explain the term 'acai berry'. Acai berry is a traditional palm fruit and it is believed to be quite beneficial. So, we have this website that reviews a drug, a diet pill, which claims to offer the benefits of the acai berry and states that the drug offers great health benefits. This website in question seeks to debunk the claim.

The arguments used here are quite convincing. They are against a diet pill called 'extreme acai berry', which has a website and which claims they would offer a '14 day trial' and then they would auto-bill and auto-ship the customer. It is an interesting site because it reviews health products sold online and seeks to alert customers about the various scams that are floating around. I found it quite interesting to read.


Acai Berry said...

well thanks for the nice reviews. I just simply love it.

Anonymous said...

I suffered no adverse effects from the two most popular acai products; in fact there were no effects at all. They did comply with the basic rule "first, do no harm". They went even further and did absolutely nothing. Could you ask for more?